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What We Do

We have deep experience in many industry sectors and business domains implementing solutions using traditional machine learning and cognitive AI

Unlock value from your data, consolidating and shaping it for action and optimal decision making
Artificial Intelligence
Discover patterns in your data and processes, and use cognitive automation to gain efficiencies
Extract insights that meaningfully capture the effectiveness of your business operations
Transform your technology and business processes for a seamless flow of information
Understand your risk exposure and quality gaps, and instrument authoritative verification
Create scalable and flexible architectures with secure practices and optimized cost management

Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software.

– Jensen Huang


How We Work


Uncover and evaluate AI opportunities and risks through focused workshops and engagements

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Innovative, reliable and scalable AI solutions that are fit for purpose, business impactful and responsible

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Organize for success through operating model optimization, skill mapping and team augmentation

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Application Domains

Industries We Work In

Just as the Industrial Revolution freed up a lot of humanity from physical drudgery I think AI has the potential to free up humanity from a lot of the mental drudgery.

– Andrew Ng
About AlphaCQ

Our Process

We work with you collaboratively to step-by-step to realize your business goals.

Through workshops and discovery sessions we understand your business goals, challenges and current capabilities The outcome from this stage is selection of the use case and a plan for the engagement. 

Based on your business goals we formulate both the technology and business strategy and develop a step-by-step plan to help you attain your target objectives. 

Execution of the strategy including an agile iterative delivery of the solution with plan in place for on-going support and success. 

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